Fernanda Marques Arquitetos


São Paulo, SP, 2017

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Hotel Unique

Sao Paulo, 2016

Im Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo platzierten Ingo Maurer und sein Team fünf Flying Disc über Lobby und Bar. Der bestehende Raum wurde dadurch...

BCMF Arquitetos


Nova Lima, 2014

Designed and built over just three months, the “Bar-Pool-Gallery” was planned for the Casa Cor MG 2014 as a kind of a hilltop belvedere. ...

Simone Mantovani Arquitetura

RH Apartment


This apartment at Jardim Paulista neighborhood in São Paulo City, was conceived to compose wide ambients, giving lots of modernity, harmo...

Simone Mantovani Arquitetura

MN Apartment


This project was a complete remodeling of an apartment, in a building of the 70's, located in the heart of São Paulo, for a young couple ...

Simone Mantovani Arquitetura

ADM Apartment


The architectural interior design of this apartment , located in São Paulo, started with the remodeling and renovation of a traditional 8...

Studio MK27


São Paulo, 2015

The architectural interiors project for the penthouse sp_penthouse sought to attend to the demands of the program with the minimal divisi...

FC Studio

Maranhão Apartment

São Paulo, 2013

The biggest challenge was the conversion of a family apartment compartmented into an apartment for a young single advertiser, and retrofi...

Fernanda Marques Arquitetos

Loft 24/7

São Paulo, 2009

Fernanda Marques Arquitetos

Cozinha Lounge

São Paulo, 2009

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