Kreëmart + Rirkrit Tiravanija, Performance Structure (Brasilia)

© Maria Victoria Castelli
© Maria Victoria Castelli
© Maria Victoria Castelli
© Maria Victoria Castelli
© Maria Victoria Castelli
© Maria Victoria Castelli
Neil Logan, Architect

Kreëmart and Rirkrit Tiravanija have a social understanding of this project. The glass structure, (the laboratory) within the glass house can be understood as a microcosm of itself, or better, of the city we will be used as our platform, Brasilia. The ceiling reiterates the ideas of containment. Within the laboratory, we will be creating different interpretations (tastes) of a wafer that can be used in the same way as holy bread (Host).
The tastes are based on the concepts: Everest, Pacific, Sahara, Antarctica, Amazon and Iguaçu Falls. The hosts were made out of candy produced by Chef Fred Gavioli from Rock Candy in São Paulo. The literal tastes were not reveiled to our audience – they only had these geographical places as their reference.
The idea behind having the wafer is that it is a very genetic form. The association with the wafer is that of being bland, tasteless. Here, we will give the public a sensorial surprise, an explosion of flavor of different tastes. Within the lab, there is a table hosting the wafer structure.
The person in the public will have no choice of the taste of their wafer, they will eat that of which is served to them. As to reiterate the idea of giving false autonomy to the public, the public will line up in four different divisions of the space with holes in the glass structure that connect into the laboratory.This ties back to a political and social context of having choice between candidates but not really having power or autonomy of ultimate choice. Here the political connotation also ties to the containment within the structure. The public may try to perceive and will have their own ideas of what is happening within the laboratory but this is something that will never be divulged.
The glass house is a metaphor for the personas created by a political party, whatever that may be. As there is a glass separation of the public and the laboratory, this may be understood as that unreachable, untouchable process of production and later on, consumption.
Whether the reaction is pleasure, disgust, confusion – this will be provoked by taste and will arise curiosity. No two people had the same experience of taste.

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