Casa Oceano

Salvador da Bahia
Casa Oceano, Front View
Casa Oceano, Front View
Casa Oceano, Front View
Casa Oceano, Cascade Pool View
Salvador da Bahia
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

CASA OCEANO is inspired by legendary modernist Richard Neutra and his Los Angeles Case Study House.

Mies Van Der Roh’s Barcelona Pavilion and Farnsworth house, as well as Phillip Johnson’s glass house were these type of defining structures.

Now, STUDIOFORMA’s CASA OCEANO takes the architectural tenants of these greats and catapults these concepts into the new era. An almost entirely glass home allows occupants to be comfortably inside while completely enveloped within nature.

Through the use of massive structural steel beams, the home is able to appear weightless as it hovers above an expansive lawn. This modernist glass and steel constructed house accommodates a large living area, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an ultra-chic outdoor infinity pool with cascade.

All of the large glass panels are Star Fire glass, an incredibly clear glass usually reserved for jewelry displays.

The property boasts ocean view stretching across green spaces to a cove with crystal clear water. This gorgeous single-story gem evokes the rectilinear beauty of California’s Case Study houses.

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