RH Apartment

Photo © João Ribeiro
Photo © João Ribeiro
Photo © João Ribeiro
Photo © João Ribeiro
Simone Mantovani Arquitetura
1-5 Stories

This apartment at Jardim Paulista neighborhood in São Paulo City, was conceived to compose wide ambients, giving lots of modernity, harmony and tranquility. All the apartment was idealized on this same conception, both on the social and familiar areas. The wide social area, acessed through a pivotant wood panel, was divided into three integrated ambients: living room, home theatre and dinning room. With finishing materials meticulously studied, this ambients were joined by a long and delicate transparent white linen curtain ( all over the living and dinning rooms walls), that contrast with wood panels, the travertine brute marble floor and unbrightness white walls. At the dinning room, a slim cupboard made of a corten steel plate is fixed inside the wall and it is involved by mirrors that almost make it disappear. The home theatre is separeted from the living room by a large wood balcony coated with corten steel plates that shelters all audio and video equipments and also a mini bar. The furniture comes to intensify this harmonious material selection, with specialy designed pieces and collection pieces. The washbasin, discreetly posicioned at the entrance hall to the pantry, has a pivotant door set on a wood panel, being visible to the living. From a special design, all made of glass and travertine marble, the washstand has a unique proportion.

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