Mirante do Horto House

FC Studio was founded by architect Flavio Castro after a three-year master's in Spain by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Before that, he collaborated with several national and international offices as MAB architects, Arteks Arquitectes and Hidalgo Hartmann & Spain and Core architecture, Ar.Co. Foundation and MASP MMBB Architects in Brazil. Had participated in competitions in collaboration with all these offices and also individually.

Currently the office has the collaboration of  associated architects and multidisciplinary team according to the typology and complexity of the work. The architectural designs of FC Studio aims to reflect the vision of architecture and contemporary ways of living from the changing human.

The theoretical basis, plus the design and execution of the work, makes the office a core of architectural production in its totality. Each of the areas is enhanced from interaction with others, that occurs within the studio. Has received significant national and international awards such as the IAB - Institute of Architects of Brazil and biennials, WAF - World Architecture Festival, LICC - London International Creative Competition, IPA - International Property Awards.


  • 建築家
São Paulo