Rabieh Art Gallery

Photo © Fran Parente
Photo © Fran Parente
Photo © Fran Parente
Photo © Fran Parente
Simone Mantovani Arquitetura

The architectural design of the Galeria Rabieh’s expansion, came from the old to the new building adaptation, with duplication of their built-up area of 300 m2 to 610 m2, with a new global concept of use and spatial interaction, focusing on value and flexibility of the different exposures and contemporary art to be exhibited.
The interaction between the old building and the new one, was crucial to the project concept, particularly in defining the internal circulation and the facade.
The new main room, with high ceilings and mezzanine for the exhibition of major works, was designed to receive natural light, in neutral environments, blank walls and cemented floors, and even communicating with an external garden, for the presentation of art films and outdoor sculptures.
In the RoofTop, on the 3rd floor, a green roof was created, with garden and deck for outdoor events and enjoying a very private panoramic view of São Paulo City.
The reinforced concrete as the building structure, provided generous openings and a contemporary minimalist language, expanded by cement finishes, forming a simple aesthetic set in a basic and economic construction.
The large fixed and pivot panels in steel and glass, brought plenty of natural light and spaciousness to the ambience with large openings for free handling of voluminous works and generous access to the public.
The white walls stands neutrally to the appreciation of the works on display and the steel plate steps of the stairs participate with visual and sculptural lightness, to this daily processing environment.

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