Baroneza Residence

Photo © Tuca Reinés
Photo © Tuca Reinés
Photo © Tuca Reinés
Photo © Tuca Reinés
Simone Mantovani Arquitetura
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1-5 étages

The project of this 1200m² residence located at “Quinta da Baroneza”, a centenarium farm that was turned into a residencial compound 90km away from São Paulo, was developed based on a “three diferente blocks” idea - living, services and bedrooms. All the three blocks are in different levels connected by twosteps-stairs.
The living block was conceived to allow people enjoying the garden, wich can be seen from anywhere in the block. The seven meters high ceiling, glass walled room also has a roof that is extended outwards to cover all the balconies arround the house.
The eyeful of the project is the little amount of walls, wide spaces, transparences, lack of details, straight lines, little colour and a great variety of textures.
The outside front part of the house was conceived under the same clan style: overlapping concrete blocks in a wide variety of finishes, monumental and impactant proportions, no exposed oppenings to increase privacy.
Behind the stone wall’s main gate, there is the yard in wich stands a “Jabuticaba” fruit beautifultree. This small but special detail gives the inner side of the residence, just a little sample of the lush green, exotic, native preserved vegetation that builds the landscape arround it.
We can not forget to mention all the crystalclear water founts arround Atibaia river that are also part of this beautiful, dazzling view.

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