ADM Apartment

Photo © Fran Parente
Photo © Fran Parente
Photo © Fran Parente
Photo © Fran Parente
Photo © Fran Parente
Simone Mantovani Arquitetura
1-5 étages

The architectural interior design of this apartment , located in São Paulo, started with the remodeling and renovation of a traditional 80s architecture style into a spacious social and family living environment , maximizing and integrating its social areas.
Provide an integrated social environment was the conceptual project’s guidelines, where the living room, dining room and bar/café, home theater, lobby and terraces interact as a single space.
A long line of walls coated in American oak panels are coupled to the pivoting doors floor/ceiling that access the intimate areas and services areas, giving privacy and aesthetic uniformity to the space.
The contrast of neutral materials such as light wood, gray Limestone floors, white walls and ceilings, is repeated in every ambient. The neutral tone given to the finishing emphasizes contemporary furnishings, an individualized and modern sophistication.
The chosen furniture reflects this same modernity, with design pieces from major brands, an innovative harmony.

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