Entre presents Topographical Amnesias I and II (interventions in “concrete stilts” that started the partnership between the studio Vazio S/A and the street theater company Armatrux); Spiral Booths – a space for fiction and performance built at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London –; an interview with Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi; a proposal for an intervention within Grand Central Station’s windows, in New York; and other projects that discuss the relationship between body and space, event and urbanism.
Carlos M Teixeira; Artifice books on architecture, 2012; 384 pages; 18x13 cm; English;
ISBN 978-1-907317-78-1
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Ultimate Skyscraper
At once a fiction and a documentary about a skyscraper that grows indefinitely and eventually eliminates Sao Paulo, The Ultimate Skyscraper (or The Absolute Condo) departs from an analysis of "SP Maharishi Tower" - the Dravidian-style (!!!) would-be tallest building in the world proposed by ex-Beatles guru Yogi Maharishi for Sao Paulo in 1999; to then distort and pervert the facts. The book has drawings by Portuguese illustrator Vasco Mourão, and text, research and original sketches by Carlos M Teixeira.
In Portuguese only. 
Carlos M Teixeira; Illustrations: Vasco Mourão; C/ Arte, 2009; 256 pages (total in two volumes); 18x13 cm;
ISBN 9788576540915
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Collateral Spaces
Collateral Spaces was organized by Alexandre Campos, Carlos Teixeira, Renata Marquez and Wellington Cançado. The bilingual edition presents fifteen projects of architects, designers and artists, and argues for an architecture that scapes from the institutional channels that limit contemporary architecture. Collateral Spaces is out of print but is available at the website www.colaterais.org.
Instituto Cidades Criativas/ICC, 2008; 312 pages; 18x13 cm; Portuguese/English;
ISBN 978-85-61659-00-4
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Under Construction: History of the Void in Belo Horizonte
Conceived by Carlos, Under Construction: History of the Void in Belo Horizonte is an essay on urban informality, lack of planning, the postcard, photography and, of course, the void. Departing from a text on photography (Photography and the Periphery, Master's Degree dissertation presented at the Architectural Association), the book outlines a possible way of working in the city under construction, extolling destruction, leading to an inverted aesthetic reading of the postcard and paying attention to the latent voids of the city. This bilingual edition is out of print but can be ordered directly from our office by email [email protected].
Carlos M Teixeira; COSACNAYFY, 1999; 336 pages; 23x30 cm; English/Portuguese;
ISBN 9788586374234
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