1000 Kids

Ribeirão das Neves
Foto © Carlos M Teixeira
Foto © Carlos M Teixeira
Foto © Carlos M Teixeira
Foto © Carlos M Teixeira
Foto © Carlos M Teixeira
Visualización © Vazio S/A
Visualización © Vazio S/A
Visualización © Vazio S/A
Vazio S/A
Ribeirão das Neves
Carlos M Teixeira, Daila Coutinho (colab.)

The playground apparatuses we proposed for a kindergarten that houses more than 1,000 children in Ribeirão das Neves (MG, Brazil) have their imagined forms as the translation of the movements and games they sponsor: ramps, nets, ladders and climbs here are a departure point to imagine other ways to slip, climb, hide, swing, descend, go up. They are also an economically viable alternative to traditional catalogue toys and are intended to be more durable and more thought-provoking than the products on the market.

In view of the enormous amount of children in the school, the project bets on a language of large pieces of colored concrete. Robust enough to withstand the intense use to which they will be subjected, they are at once playful and functional, poetic and rational, sculptural and constructive. An infrastructural playground.

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