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Established in 1870, Ikuta is a leader in the flooring industry.
The company’s deep knowledge of wood led to the development of premium composite flooring products that exceed the quality of natural wood and have been used in many high-end homes, such as the residences at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.
In recent years Ikuta has launched a series of innovative original products. Takumi Japan is the world’s first flooring to incorporate gold leaf, created in collaboration with traditional craftspeople in Kyoto and Kanazawa. Gradiente Flooring, produced with dyed wood veneer from the Italian company Tabu, makes flooring more fun with a rainbow of colors. Born from the fusion of tradition and innovation, Ikuta flooring brings luxury to interior spaces.

Air Wash Floor received 'Japan Resilience Award 2020'

[Showrooms in Japan: 0120-85-2461]
Aoyama Showroom
Minamiaoyama 3-5-1 Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan

Nagoya Showroom
Hoshigaoka motomachi 14-70 Chikusa-ku Nagoya Aichi, Japan

Sendai Showroom
Honcho 2-10-23 Aoba-ku Sendai-shi Miyagi, Japan

Osaka Showroom
Honmachi 2-3-4 Chuo-ku Osaka, Japan

Fukuoka Showroom
Daimyo 2-9-34 Chuo-ku Fukuoka, Japan

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