Our greatest quest has always been a variety of topics and issues. We have always chosen non-specialisation within a wide assortment of situations in which architecture can express itself with the most effectiveness. Even though most of our work is dedicated to residential and commercial building projects, a vast assortment of designs pass through our everyday drawing board.

At the moment we are involved in an investigation to design a fitness gymnasium, and thus, this process will bring important data for a new residential project, or a chain of stores, or a graphic work among others. Consequently, when we begin to undertake a new vertical edifice, much of our repertoire of ideas come from ideas developed from previous projects, be they organising furnishings, illumination or landscaping for example, all incorporated into solutions for the latest project.

Our principal strategy in improvement has been the persistent attention we pay to the directions - new or not – that a city so immense and full of problems as São Paulo presents.

This laboratory of experiences has always obligated us to take part, not only as professionals, but also as citizens, as well as to communicate our impressions to society through the form of ideas or new channels. We don’t intend to change the world by ourselves, but we are certainly full of energy to help make it better.

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