Centre de Logistique et Bureaux

Gennevilliers, France
Fotografia © David Boureau
Fotografia © David Boureau
Fotografia © David Boureau
Fotografia © David Boureau
Fotografia © David Boureau
Fotografia © David Boureau
Fotografia © David Boureau
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Route du Bassin Numéro 1, 92230 Gennevilliers, France
Port autonome de Paris

Responding to a site-specific location, these offices are positioned to the north of Paris at Gennevilliers, where the main river port on the Seine is located. Corrugated steel and bright colours are incorporated in the facade, referring to the aesthetic of the shipping containers transloaded next door.

Externally, the structure consists of glass walls behind perforated vertical aluminium plates that provide solar protection. The north facing side accommodates the conference room and is left exposed to allow for maximum natural light. A strong concrete slab and beam construction enables minimal internal structure. Lightweight partition walls are used for flexibility, creating smaller spaces within a large open plan.

The simple, cubic volume is structured by two vertical incisions, a long entrance lobby at ground level and two internal patios. With views over the port from the office spaces and roof terrace, the building connects its inhabitants to their immediate surroundings.

Competition 05 | 2001
Start of Planning 09 | 2001
Start of Construction 03 | 2003
Completion 01 | 2005

Surface 2003 m²

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